Much of the credit goes right to the great tasting food, but it also a result of expert management and a highly trained staff. Dining out is not only about the food, but also about the experience. Blue Hashi could easily have this statement as its official motto. The restaurant is famous for its sushi dishes, but that is far from the only type of food on the menu. Also available are several “American” dishes, cooked meat dishes and even a kid’s menu. The appetizers include soup, shrimp, calamari rings and more. The entrees include a variety of rolls and several noodle dishes as well as a surf and turf option.

Local  Idaho  Falls  Awards

Since this article we have now won ‘Best Japanese’ six years in a row. In 2013 we were also awarded with being one of the ‘Top 10’ Restaurants in Idaho Falls.

Founded in 2005. We are proud to have reached 13 long years in Idaho Falls!